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Call-out for Production Crew Volunteers

Here is the quick list of Production Actions (details below):

  • March for Science: 4/22
  • Procession Planning Potluck: 4/23
  • Building Procession Carts: 4/23-26
  • Luminary Repair 4/27
  • Luminary Procession Set-up and Staging 4/28
  • Luminary Procession/Breakdown
  • Production Crew Meeting 4/29
  • Procession Registration 4/29
  • Procession Chalk Handout 4/29
  • Procession Windsocks/Spangles Handout 4/29
  • Procession Art Collection 4/29
  • Procession Route Clean-up 4/30

If you want to join-in, call the Procession Studio at 360-705-1087 to lend a hand. Thank you!

March for Science 4/22
Saturday - April 22nd - 11:00 AM
We are supporting the March for Science! We will be providing windsocks, and (weather permitting) our Fish-on-Sticks glittered spangles. Folks are meeting up at the Capitol at 11:AM and prior to that 10:AM to pick-up Procession art. So if you are about, join in get shout-out for science.

Production Planning Potluck: 4/23
Sunday - April 23 - 1:00 PM
The Procession is almost here, which means it is almost over. Come celebrate the season and share some stories and expectations. All ages of course!

Building Procession Carts: 4/23-26
Sunday- April 23rd - Sunday - 2:00 PM
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - April24, 25, 26 - Each evening at the studio 6-9:PM
Space is limited and time is short. We need to begin constructing carts to pull creatures and to contain chalk to hand-out. Basic skills of measuring, cutting, fastening together with screws and painting is all that is needed. And a good sense of camaraderie of course. We've lots to do and it would be great to see you!

Luminary Repair 4/27
Thursday - April 27 - 6-9:00 PM
Friday - All Day
Luminary Procession is looming and we need to have all the luminary that we are handing out stitched and repaired with functioning lights along with poles labeled with numbers and a check-out system in-order.

Luminary Procession
Friday - April 28 - 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM
We gather at the Arts Studio at 8:00 PM to ready all of the Luminary and prepare to handout stars and lanterns. To begin, we need at least 6 people to manage the handout and the more the better. At 8:30 PM we begin the handout. At 9:00 PM we walk down 4th Ave with police escort to our starting location. We will need folks to keep an eye out for group safety. At the starting point we gather in a tight collective and at 9:30 we begin along our route. Hooray! All production crew need to keep an eye out for wandering stars during the Procession and on to the return back to the studio. At the end at the studio we will need at least 6 people to help with the return check-in of borrowed luminary.

Production Crew Meeting 4/29
Saturday - April 29 - 9:00 AM
The big day is here. We need to meet over coffee and donuts and pick-up our additional assignments. There is a list to do from final fixings to hauling over the creatures to the Procession's beginning. It is a fun time - and a full day. We really need folks to lend a hand so certainly hope to see you there.

Procession Registration 4/29
Procession Chalk Handout 4/29
Procession Windsocks/Spangles Handout 4/29

Saturday - April 29 - 3:00 PM
With all the various happenings going-on, there are 3 production crews that we need to have confirmed. None of these prevents you from seeing or being in the Procession. But we do need the the people to committed from start to end. Greater detail to follow. For registration, (4 people) you need to be at the starting site at 3:30 and pack everything away at 4:30 just as the Procession begins and you are on your way down the streets - although it is great for folks not wishing to walk but want to see the whole thing. For Chalk Handout (6 - 8 people) you head down the street at 4:00 PM and help with handing out buckets of chalk to hundreds of smiling faces. You do the entire route and turn around back the way you came and join the Procession first hand. Perfect for exuberant (or initially sulking but they will be unable to resist the smiles) juveniles but all adults welcome. For Windsocks/Spangles Handout (4 -8 people) we have over 80 windsocks and spangles that are zip-tied to bamboo to handout for folks participating in the Procession. So many folks come without costumes - mostly parents accompanying their kids - and this gives them something to carry and wave aloft. As people gather and then when the Procession begins you are there to spot empty and willing hands.

Procession Art Collection 4/29
Saturday - April 29 - 6:00 PM
The Procession arrives and closes at the Fountain Park and then we make our way over to the studio. All of our art (and the litter) need to be delivered back to the studio. It is a bit of a crush, but it can be done fairly quickly with many hands. And then it is out into the night to have good fun and celebrate our wondrous accomplishment!

Procession Route Clean-up 4/30
Sunday - April 30 - 10:00 AM
We traditionally meet at the Batdorf and Bronson's coffee shop on Capitol Way. And after our sleepy-eyed mug of joe we split-up and re-walk the route to clean-up the left-over debris. We have garbage bags, buckets of water for waking away chalk. It takes about and hour and a half.

So let us know where you want to be in the show! 360-705-1087

In all good kinship with the Earth, -Eli

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