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Luminary Workshops

Class Description:

You've all been waiting for this!

Fridays 3/23/18 and 4/6/18, 6:30 to 9:00 pm
($20 for basic design; larger pieces will cost more)
Adults and teens

Come and have fun making Luminaries for the Luminary Procession 4/27/2108.

BEGINNERS: Learn to make a basic glowing sculpture like a star, moon, or globe for example. Plan on working both nights to finish.

EXPERIENCED ARTISTS AND CRAFTERS: We encourage you to come learn the basics. We can help you design your own project.

These projects have several steps and require lots of time, approximately 12+ hours.

When your piece is completed bring it to the Luminary Procession, Friday, April 27th. Meet at the studio between 8-8:30. Weather permitting.

The 14th Annual Luminary Procession

Friday, April 27th 9:30pm

Illuminate your night with a magical moment that will uplift and delight! Meet downtown at 5th and Washington. Bring your lanterns and luminaries!


All luminary and art workshops, unless otherwise noted, are located at the Procession Community Art Studio.

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